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Anil Marar


Carmelaram, Bangalore

Who we are......

Yes, It's our heritage! Born and brought up in the families rendering temple services, Temple music and Vadyam got into our nerves from our forefathers who were privileged percussionists in Kerala. Since childhood, every single day we nourished the inherited music and scintillating beats through regular rehearsals of 'Chenda' early in the mornings. Our evenings were dedicated for rigorous training under our respectable Gurus, who helped us to master the quintessence of tradition. 


As we are closely related to temples and traditional temple music of Kerala, we were regular participants in prominent temple festivals. 


Practice rewards and now we are a group of vibrant performers who have established unique identity as melam artists in Bangalore. We are associated with a lot of celebrations and do rejoice performing for the events like marriages, corporate functions, churches, Onam celebrations, etc. We have done more than 500 programs in and around bangalore over the past 15 years. 


Most of our weekends are dedicated for performances, because we believe that we do not have to quit jobs to pursue our passion. So we do work for MNCs...

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